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Particles - Hemp

Hemp must be one of the most successful and therefore most popular Particles available today. It is an amazing fish attracter and can give fantastic results to the carp angler. Hempseed is a small black seed which is available in varying sizes, the most common being about 2mm in diameter. It is available both in its raw state and pre-prepared. When prepared it swells up slightly. Hemp was originally very popular with match anglers and was renowned to be a great bait for roach. It is now popular amongst most anglers for all species and used not so much as a hook bait but mixed with groundbait or in feeders or spods and used in conjunction with larger hook baits.

There are several methods of preparing the seed, the following is my personal method. Tip the dry hemp into a container with a lid, cover with cold water and seal the lid. Some anglers add a tin of condensed milk at this stage, but if you are fishing in late summer, beware, the wasps love it. I speak from bitter experience. Now leave to soak over night. Next transfer the hemp and water into a pan and bring to the boil. Once boiling, reduce the heat and simmer for about 15 minutes. Ensure the hemp is covered with water at all times. When boiled, return the hemp and water to the bucket and leave to stand for a few hours, preferably overnight. It is now ready to use.

Hemp can be attached to a very fine hair if you are careful, or to a blob of Kryston Bogey on a hair. I prefer to use it as a loose feed and fish a larger particle over a bed of hemp. The rich oils given off from hemp will attract the carp onto your bait and once there, they will almost certainly get their heads down and start sifting through it and hoovering it up. Once feeding on hemp, they will stay in the swim as long as there is a good supply of it, and so continual feeding little and often is the rule.

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